Military Training & Consulting

Need a program creating for your specific needs on a specific piece of equipment?

or Perhaps need a division training on CCR or DPV.

We make sure your team understands what is required

We have worked with several manufacturers on Military / MOD projects including:
• POSEIDON CCR - Inland Security Dive Team Training
• POSEIDON CCR - NATO demo events
• RAID - Military CCR Training Outlines

We understand your needs

And will advise and work around your requirements.

Self sufficiency

6 months after training your team we will come back and promote one of the team to instructor status to ensure self sufficiency.

Privacy 101

Locations, details, etc. are kept private and not exposed to training agencies general staff or the outside world.

Just say 💬 it

Just tell us what you require and we will make the plan that makes it happen.

Ready to get started?

Contact us today and we will get you on the right track, with the right training & equpiment