Manufacturer Consulting

We will work with manufacturers in the following ways:

• Design Consultation
• Product Testing
• Manned Test Dives (for CE accreditation)
• Training Manual Authoring
• UI Testing and Feedback
Does your dive company need reel feedback? Our team will step in.

Working with us to achieve a user centric outcome

Having real divers look at your products and offer real-world feedback could be the difference between a lot of waisted R&D and a top-notch seller.

Get Regular Updates

We will check in regularly with you on the progress of testing and reviewing so we may collaborate on focussing on specific areas more.

Set Clear Targets

Tell us exactly what you want to achieve and how you want to work, we adjust to you.

Don’t miss your important dates

We work with clear deadlines agreed on conception.

Dive Agency Consulting

We will work with agencies in the following ways:

• Course Design Consultation
• Course Pre-Launch Beta Testing
• Training Manual Authoring
• Manuals and Standards Editing

Previous Colabs

We have worked various companies over the years.

Why not send us an email today and find out if we are a match for your brand.